Meet Michael Laps

Born in Australia to Latvian immigrants, my formative childhood years were spent living in Austria where I attended an American international school. So by the time I moved back to Australia when I was 10 years old, my accent had become a smoothie of sounds – an American foundation with German and eastern European influences, and an Australian twang to finish it off.
Those years living overseas played a huge role in shaping who I am. Exposure to different countries and cultures was the start of my curiosity about the world. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to visit as many countries as I can to learn about the planet I live on – and my place in it. With 67 countries under my belt so far (including visits to both Antarctica and the Arctic) I’ve got some incredible stories to tell.

Beyond travel, anyone who knows me will attest to my unrivalled love for food. It is absolutely, undoubtedly the way to my heart. I’m also a bit of a sweet tooth, and will also absolutely accept bribes in the form of a really good cheesecake.

But what I’m most proud of, without a doubt, is my family. I’m a husband to the most wonderful wife, and a father to the happiest baby girl, who at the tender age of one has already got me completely wrapped around her finger. They’re my driving force in everything I do.

My Experience

From building and selling my own company, to now helping others do the same. My career in marketing and business has given me a unique perspective and set of skills that makes me an invaluable asset to my clients.

Agency Life

I’ve worked in marketing agencies my whole life – predominantly digital, but also advertising and communications. This is where I honed my craft, learning about different advertising mediums and how they can be integrated to great effect. But this is also where my love of digital marketing blossomed, which is where I put my full focus from early on in my career. It was also my first taste of strategy, which was in total alignment with how my brain naturally functioned. Always thinking ten steps ahead, planning for every possibility, and then using data to make educated and forward-thinking decisions. It’s one of the reasons my client relationships stand the test of time.

Building & Selling My Company

After working for others, the next logical step was proving I could replicate my track record by building my own successful digital agency. And build it I did. Then, after eight magical years and with a team of 35 staff across three countries, I took the opportunity to sell my stake. My time as an agency owner taught me so much about myself, about marketing, about business and about leadership. It was a journey of self development that turned into a love affair with business that will last a lifetime. That’s why I want to spend every day helping my clients solve complex challenges that will accelerate their own growth stories.

Growth Advisory

Running my own agency exposed me to companies of all shapes and sizes, with challenges as unique and varied as the companies themselves. This has opened unexpected doors that I’ve been proud to walk through. I sit on three boards of directors, have personally invested in over 15 companies, and have unofficial advisory positions with several others. All of these opportunities stem from my pure passion for business, for strategy, and for growth. And it’s this same passion that forms the basis of my new company, Laps Ventures; a growth advisory focused on helping others navigate the worlds of marketing and business – and succeed.

My Core Values

Get out of your way.

Don't put up walls and reject change because it makes you feel uncomfortable, threatened or wrong. You want to grow? Get out of your own way. Your ego is the enemy.

Be fiercely human.

None of us are perfect, but it’s how we handle moments of imperfection that define us. Kindness. Empathy. Respect. Generosity. Gratitude. Integrity. These aren’t just words - it’s how loyalty is built.

Listen first.

To your team. To your customers. To your partners. To your competitors. The more we listen, the more we learn, the better we become. In business as in life.

Love the challenge.

Each challenge presents a unique opportunity to explore new pathways, to learn and to grow. Tackle it head-on and be open to where it takes you.


While my focus is on helping companies and their people grow, it’s nice to be recognised along the way for the quality, consistency and impact of my work.

Australian Fast Starters

AFR 2017 & 2018


Smart 50 Awards

SmartCompany, 2018


Future Leader Award

AMI, 2017


U30 Achiever Of The Year

Mumbrella, 2018

runner up

30 Under 30

B&T, 2017


Rising Star Of The Year

CXO Awards, 2017


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