So what is ‘Growth Advisory’, anyway?

If you were to Google “growth advisory”, you’d find a mix of management consultants and accountants. What you won’t find, however, is marketing expertise. Yet marketing is the primary driver of growth, whereas operations is the critical driver of scale. So getting alignment between the two is how you slingshot your business to new heights.

That’s where I come in. My point of difference is my 15 years of marketing experience mixed with a decade of business strategy and operations experience. So if you’re looking for growth advisory – real growth advisory – then get in touch with me today.

My Framework

Momentum is critical. The ‘Five The’s’ allow me to get across your business in-depth and with velocity. By understanding the challenges and roadblocks unique to your business, I’m able to craft tailored solutions for all areas of your business to unlock growth potential.

Step 1


Step 2

The Lay of
The Land

Step 3


Step 4


Step 5

The Yellow
Brick Road

Step 1

The Numbers

This is all about data collection. We’ll organise access to your analytics and marketing platforms, review your critical strategy documents and any marketing audits and performance reports you have.

Step 2

The Lay of The Land

I’ll organise meetings with key stakeholders within your organisation, including senior management and the marketing and sales teams. I’ll also meet with all of your marketing agencies and solutions partners.

Step 3

The Insights

With an enormous amount of data touchpoints to sift through, I’ll take a moment to start connecting the dots and drawing out the unique, critical challenges we need to solve for your business.

Step 4

The Vision

This is where the jigsaw comes together. I’ll develop the strategy and recommendations for how to move forward and present it to you and your team. This will include key actionables, ownership responsibilities and timelines.

Step 5

The Yellow Brick Road

This is where the rubber hits the road. The early days of implementation are critical to building momentum within the business, so I’ll work with and support your team to execute against the strategic plan – and I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Trusted By Companies Big And Small

I’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes – from startups to publicly listed.

“What struck me about Michael was his immediate interest in getting to know my organisation and the unique challenges we were facing. He was interested in what was going on for us and how he could add value. This meant that we didn’t end up with a set of generic principles but rather a tailored response to our current situation complete with actions that could be implemented immediately. It also goes without saying that Michael is on top of his game technically. Match that with someone who is intelligent, can translate ‘geek’ to ‘marketer’, and top it off a lasting partnership and you’ve hit gold. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Michael and can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Sarah Mathews

CEO, Little BIG Foundation

Why Me?

Over the past 15 years I’ve worked with countless companies in countless industries on their marketing strategies and consistently delivered significant revenue growth.
Solving problems is my superpower, and it’s how I’m able to drive real business outcomes while reducing your downside risk.
My experience as a CEO and marketer helps bridge the gap between marketing and operations to build efficiencies and drive both revenue growth and profitability.

Still On The Fence?

If you answer “yes” to at least three of these questions, then we should definitely find a time to speak.
  1. Is my company generating at least $2m in revenue annually?
  2. Has my growth either slowed down, plateaued or reversed entirely?
  3. Do I want to grow aggressively over the next few years?
  4. Would I benefit from guidance and mentorship from someone who understands what it takes to build and sell a company?
  5. Would my company get better with the addition of someone with 15 years of strategy and marketing experience?
  6. Do I want what’s best for the company, even if that means it’s not necessarily what’s best for me?

Frequently Ask Questions

Got a question about working with me? Here are a few common ones I get asked.

Everything is up for discussion. But I’ll need to learn more about you, your business and your current challenges before deciding whether or not we’re a good fit for each other. So definitely get in touch!
Nope, that’s not a requirement at all. In fact, I’ll help build a marketing team for you if that’s what is needed. We’ll audit your current marketing performance, build a new strategy with your goals in mind, and then structure a team and/or agency partners to deliver results.
This definitely isn’t a “set-and-forget” type of arrangement. I need to become an integrated member of your team in order to deliver the kind of results you’re after. I’ll push you out of your comfort zone at times, but that’s because there are no shortcuts here – just honest conversations, tough decisions and genuine partnership. You can expect me to work relentlessly to help you grow, and I expect the same of you.
It depends on what you need, you should expect a 12-month commitment. I have packages that are based on 2-3 months of analysis and strategy work, but they don’t include ongoing management and delivery of the strategy. So if you just need the strategy developed, then plan for three months. But if you’re wanting someone to manage the entire process and be accountable for growth, then it would be at least 12 months.

This is highly dependent on what you need from me. Are you looking for guidance mentorship, or in need of strategy work? Do you need your website redesigned, or do you need someone to build and implement your entire marketing strategy? I suggest getting in touch and we can have a conversation about your challenges (and your budget) and I’ll be able to give you a quote over the phone.

A ‘Virtual CMO’ service gives you access to someone with the experience and skills of a Chief Marketing Officer, but without the price tag. The focus is almost exclusively on marketing and how to grow the company through marketing channels.

My ‘Growth Advisory’ service, while including a major focus on marketing, also takes into account the structure, processes, capabilities and roadblocks that are happening within the business as a whole. You need the entire company to be running smoothly in order to fully capitalise on your marketing efforts, and a Virtual CMO service won’t provide that depth of work.

Virtual CMO is all about growth. Growth Advisory is the next level up – scale.

‘Business Advisory’ is often focused on strategy, operations and finance in order to build efficiency within the business. But these types of services don’t cover marketing, which is an absolutely essential business function that will be the primary driver behind your growth.

My ‘Growth Advisory’ service is the best of both worlds – I’ll absolutely look at how your company is running and identify areas for optimisation and efficiency-building. But while I’ve spent my career in marketing and strategy, I’ve also been building and running companies from the ground up. So I’ll help you analyse, rebuild and execute a tailored marketing strategy for your business to get your growth engine revving.

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