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I’ve been privileged to write, speak and contribute to many recognised industry publications and podcasts. You can get a feel for me and my views by browsing through them below.
Michael Laps on VWO's Podcast

VWO Podcast

The topic: “Mastering Customer Loyalty”

7 June, 2023

Michael Laps on Salena Knight's 'Bringing Business to Retail' Podcast

‘Bringing Business to Retail’ Podcast

The topic: “Consumers Are Still Spending – Here’s How to Find Them”

27 May, 2023

Michael Laps on 'Mission Matters' Podcast

‘Mission Matters’ Podcast

The topic: “Using Data to Improve Marketing Performance”

19 April, 2022

Michael Laps on VWO's Podcast

VWO Webinar

The topic: “How to Turn Your eCommerce Store Into a Revenue Generating Machine”

3 November, 2021

The Human Cost of AI in Marketing

The race to implement artificial intelligence may leave humans in marketing’s dust.

23 April, 2021

Ticker News

The topic: “Digital Strategies for Growth”

13 April, 2021

Michael Laps on 'Fear and Greed' Podcast

‘Fear and Greed’ Podcast

The topic: “A Masterclass in Digital Marketing”

28 February, 2021

Michael Laps on Club of United Business' 'Catching Up With CUB' Podcast

‘Catching Up With CUB’ Podcast

The topic: “Standing Out From the Competition”

30 October, 2020

Customers Now Search for Brands to Avoid

Customers are no longer just searching for the things they want, they’re also searching for things they don’t want.

1 March, 2018

Big Data Has No Role in Digital Marketing

Big data has a time and place, but not when it comes to digital marketing strategy.

27 January, 2017

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