The ‘Grow’ Package

Wanting to accelerate your company’s growth? Marketing is the way. The ‘Grow’ package gives you access to all of the skills, experience and knowledge of a marketing leader – without the price tag of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

what’s included

  • Audit your current marketing strategy’s performance, including reviewing your agencies and tech stack
  • Develop an overarching marketing strategy (with a focus on digital), including budgeting and a roll-out plan
  • Handle the implementation of your marketing strategy
  • Find the best talent – whether it be internal or third party partners – and build your marketing team
  • Oversee marketing performance and be accountable for results

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The ‘Scale’ Package

Ready to scale? Getting marketing and operations in sync is the only way. The ‘Scale’ package is a 360 degree analysis of your operational capabilities, without which you can’t meet the demand that marketing will generate. Getting marketing and operations in alignment is where the magic happens.

what’s included

  • Everything in the ‘Grow’ package, plus…
  • Review of company’s strategic plan and how it’s being  prioritised and implemented
  • Analysis of business operations, internal processes and team capabilities
  • Audit of sales process, including sales materials and lead generation activities
  • Analysis of company culture, including collecting feedback from staff to identify areas for improvement
  • Oversee marketing performance and be accountable for results

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Need something custom?

Got a specific project or challenge in mind? I’d love to hear all about it.

Examples of projects I can help with:

  • Audit the performance of your current agencies
  • Run a pitch process to select and onboard a new agency
  • Manage your company’s rebranding project
  • Manage your website redesign project
  • Review your marketing tech stack
  • Build your marketing team (internal, third party, or both)

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Why Me?

Over the past 15 years I’ve worked with countless companies in countless industries on their marketing strategies and consistently delivered significant revenue growth.
Solving problems is my superpower, and it’s how I’m able to drive real business outcomes while reducing your downside risk.
My experience as a CEO and marketer helps bridge the gap between marketing and operations to build efficiencies and drive both revenue growth and profitability.

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