19 April, 2022

‘Mission Matters’ Podcast

I joined Adam Torres, the host of the ‘Mission Matters’ podcast, to discuss the topic: “Using Data to Improve Marketing Performance”. Whether it be optimising your website’s design or improving the performance of your search campaigns, data can and should play a role in shaping your customer’s entire digital experience.

Video length: 27:30

I was invited to appear on the ‘Mission Matters’ podcast, which is where this was first published.


What mission matters to you?

I’m passionate about the process of growth and development, whether personal, professional, or both. I want to help those around me grow and develop in parallel with my own growth as a business owner and leader.

How did you get started on the path of entrepreneurship?

Growing up, I wasn’t particularly entrepreneurial. But I watched my father run several businesses and picked up a few things along the way. So when an opportunity presented itself for me to start something of my own, I jumped on it. The digital marketing field was crowded even then, I knew that the agency I had co-founded, Yoghurt Digital, would have a strong competitive edge.

How does data make a difference in digital marketing?

Most digital marketing agencies provide each client with the same marketing solution, regardless of the industry. They invest little to no time or attention to understanding the specific goals or challenges of each business, much less the pain points and motivations of the end user. That’s where a data-driven strategy makes a difference, because it provides actual insights into the customer’s behaviour. It allows tracking and accounting for every marketing dollar spent against the ROI. In short, informed marketing decisions eliminate the guesswork and make marketing a science.

Conversion optimisation and the user journey

Conversion optimisation is the process of crafting a consumer journey where the consumer takes the desired action on your website, whether it’s buy a product, subscribe to a newsletter, or download a resource of some kind. Some businesses consider the simple act of bringing traffic to the website a win, but they forget they’ll still need to provide exceptional customer experience to convert that traffic into customers. When they fall into that trap, they focus on increasing website traffic without realising it’s easier and more efficient to double your conversion rate instead.

With conversion optimisation, we assess how a customer behaves after they land on your website and optimise their experience by changing your website design.

The importance of A/B testing

A/B testing is the iterative process of testing new design concepts until you land on one that a customer engages with. Using software like VWO splits the website traffic between the current site and the new design. Visitors aren’t aware of it, but half of the traffic sees the original design while the second half goes gets presented with the new user experience. The software collects relevant data and illustrates which design is more effective at generating revenue. And while accumulating data is the first half of the work, interpreting it accurately is what improves marketing performance in the end.

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